Blogging takes like 5 minutes!

Whenever I’m on track with my diet and fitness, blogging is so easy. I LOVE posting what I’ve done. The other good part is that it really helps me hold myself accountable – I have to be truthful on the blog.

So you’ll notice I haven’t posted in a while, and pretty standard excuses. A large majority of the blame lies on me, but at least a small fraction is work. It is a really volitile situation – being in limbo, not knowing what is happening, not really having any REAL work to do, just lots of busy close-up-shop, keep customers happy work.

However, about a week ago, I had an incident happen while I was walking around (in jeans and a yoga top at 8:30 at night!!) in downtown Austin. I’m fine and I don’t care to elaborate, but I’m really glad I’m in such great shape. All I’m going to say, is that while not a violent person, you probably shouldn’t scare me. It didn’t turn out so well for that guy.

If you’re looking for my WOD, you won’t find it. I’ve had a good week and a half hiatus from being super active. I need to get it in gear! Another pledge to stay with it, keep posting, and hold myself accountable for my progress.


Run Nancy, Run

Back in the routine fees good.

Regular Crossfit Class, T/TH 5:30

5 Rounds for time
15 35lb Overhead Squats
400m Run
Time: 17:39

Austin Winos Cap10k Training

4 mile run, good pace
time: 34:25

Social Soccer – 8v8

Tonight is the first of 8 weekly games on Tuesday for co-ed rec league soccer. Thank goodness it isn’t full field! The Victorious Secret was defeated, but next week, we’ll be better!

Burgener Love Monday

Alright, only two weeks to go for the rest of I Am Crossfit.

I Am Crossfit Workout 1

5 rounds for time:
400m run
10 PVC Pipe Snatch
10 Burpees
400m run
Time: ??? I hate the gym…

Austin Winos Cap10k Training

3 mile run + strength
Time: 28:30

The Burgener love workout was okay, a lot of running and burpees, so lots of heart rate spikes. I hate doing my workouts at the gym, because I get slowed down by the treadmill and other people. For Cap10k training, I did a pretty slow pace for my run, focusing on form, breathing and getting in a nice easy rhythm on the treadmill. I was going to count my I Am Crossfit Workout as my strength training, but was dissapointed by the lack of weight in the exercise. So… a little strength circuit was added on.

Strength Circuit, 3 rounds
5/5 30lb KB press
10 40lb KB swing
10 15lb DB chest fly, back flat on the bench.

My legs and hips really hurt. I need new tennis shoes.

Sunday Runday!

Another full day of working out! Today I have a 5 mile run for Cap10k Training (and this convieniently overlaps with I Am CrossFit Workout 4), One Hit Wonders Volleyball, Women’s Soccer with Quick Defeet AND I still needed to finish up Workout 3 from I Am Crossfit. Fun.

Cap10k Training/I Am Crossfit Workout 4

5 mile run, yikes!

I Am Crossfit Times (I did level 2, for the sake of making the workouts match)
First 1.5 mile time:
Second 1.5 mile time:
Third 1.5 mile time:

Quick Defeet Soccer

QD wins! It was SOOO cold.

I Am CrossFit Workout 3

Level One
5 Rounds for Time
10 Right arm & 10 Left Arm Snatch
10 Cleans
10 Dumbbell Swings
10 Renegade Row
15lb dumbbells

*Same weight for all movements

One Hit Wonders Volleyball

We suffered a loss tonight. It was a close game, went into the third round. Sadness.

Saturday From Hell

Today was the second I Am CrossFit Workshop. And I had two co-ed soccer games. And Cap10k training. I’m freakin’ beat.

I Am Crossfit Workshops

The workshop focused on barbell and body weight work. It was held at the CFC facility and there was a really great turnout. All of the I AM CROSSFITTERS are lookin’ good.

The workshop had four stations – Squat/Lunges, Cleans, Snatch and Body Weight. After each lesson, we had a small workout. Tobatta!

The workshop served double duty – as today I have 60 minutes of Cross Training to do for my Cap10k training. I counted 30 minutes here, see the other half hour below.

Bayside Tigers

Bayside is once again victorious. We played a great game and completely dominated, 7-0!

Bangers & Knockers

BNK is my new team, in Division 2. They are all really fun and all very good soccer players. I think playing with them is going to make me a much better player. BNK wins, 2-0.

Cap 10k Training…30 minutes of crosstraining
As many rounds in 30 minutes, I did
1 mile bike ride
10 renegade rows (12lbs dumbbells, all I have!) on toes – NO CHEATING.
Rounds:  6

Happy Valentine’s Day – Sorry, Zone Diet
Tonight, I’m NOT following the zone. Grillin’ steaks & shrooms, twice baked potatoes, salad and pie! Yes! PIE! SUGAR… MMMMMM.

Mmmmm PIE.

Mmmmm PIE.

Friday Funday

And I say Funday, because – no Cap10 training today! The day of running rest. This comes in handy, since I have three soccer games this weekend.

I still owe an I Am CrossFit Workout, so today I did Workout 2
5 Rounds for Time
5 Shoulder Press
10 Push Press
15 Push Jerk
25lb Dumbbell
Time -11:10

Just for kicks, I cycled to the gym and back. 6 mile cycle! I ❤ my bike!

I can’t wait for my Garmin Watch to come in!!! Forerunner 305, hell yes!



Jump Row Run

Now that I’m back on track with the running, I’m feeling the burn in my legs!

Regular Crossfit Class Thursday, 5:30Am

2 rounds
1000m row
2 minute rest
300 single jumpropes (12 double unders, wOOt!)
2 minute rest
Time: ~22m

Cap 10k Training/I Am Crossfit

4 mile run + strength.
4 mile time – 35:40

Strenght workout = I Am Crossfit Workout 1

10 Push Ups
10 Vertical Jumps
20 Squats
200 Meter Run
As many rounds as possible in 12 minutes
Rounds: 6 rounds, woohoo!


I’m really glad I switched to 3-3-1-3-1 for my zone plan. When I was doing a flat 2, I was really exhausted after my workouts, I felt out of fuel. I know this is only 1 extra block a day, but I like the full meal feeling, with the zone 5-meal plan.